List of money spent by some ‘Big’ clubs.

So some weeks ago Martin Samuel [ Sports Journalist of the Year ] wrote this stupid article that we can’t attract a genuine superstar. Well that’s the most idiotic article ever, cause all these players mentioned below are transferred on huge transfer fees and equally huge wages. None of these ‘stars’ have gone on a free.

The simple fact is we don’t have the money or the wages to attract top talent.  And the other rather alarming fact is none of these other clubs also. They are all in massive debts. Every year they report record breaking losses. This bubble should eventually burst.

Click to enlarge :

So these are the teams we have to compete with in Champions League every year and they always have an advantage. Hopefully soon are stadium debts should be over and we can compete with them or if UEFA could implement the Financial Fair Rules.

Arsene Wenger rightly accuses City for the shady Etihad deals.  Lets hope something can happen with that. Liverpool owner John W. Henry tweeted this today –

“A club’s best player has to be worth at least 10% of your naming rights. Mr. Wenger says boldly what everyone thinks. “

On other news Xavi again says Cesc is ‘suffering’. FFS Cesc… just say you wanna quit and lets get it over with.  No hard feelings.

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