Fan Psychology – #WINNING

#WINNING — Really? I don’t think so Charlie Sheen. This clip posted by @daryl_photoshop on sheen is still funny even today.

That’s what today’s generation has become. It’s all about “Winning”.  This obsession to win things… American movies glorify that  [ Rocky, The Express, Remember the Titans, The Fighter, Etc ] … It’s all this generation of really rich owner’s who want really quick results..  It’s become something of a drug. If you are not winning, you are a massive failure. Nothing else will do. Losing has become a sin.

So now what has happened is in this generation of quick results and ‘bragging rights’ if you are not winning, there is a lot of pressure.  Fans get frustrated when they can’t brag about ‘Trophies’.  The joy of watching a game is getting over. It’s only the result and ‘Final Score’ that matter.  Which brings to the most important part of sport psychology…

When you see Arsenal ‘lose’ , it feels to most fans that they are also losing. Its this human nature, that you want your team to win so it feels like you are also winning with them.

Its getting a bit too bitter most of the time with the doom and gloomers who only think about when they will see the ‘Trophy” and be “Happy”.  Most of them don’t the simple facts.  { Epl trophies – United – 19, Liverpool – 18, Arsenal – 13, Everton – 9, Aston Villa – 7, Sunderland – 6,  and then Chelsea -4..  I mean Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Huddersfield, Blackburn have won more titles than Sp*rs (2) and Man City (2)! }

But this brash new generation of fans don’t have time. They want quick bragging rights. This desperate need for competition has reached really bad levels..  Its never a healthy competition for most and its causing a lot of bitterness.

What people should do is go back in time and start watching football because they love watching it. I love this quote and its the reason i love watching football.

“I fell in love with football as I was later to fall in love with women: suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain or disruption it would bring with it.”
— Nick Hornby (Fever Pitch)

Its this rush and range of emotions you go through while watching a game that i enjoy, not the result. Having a result makes it fun, but its not the main thing. Watching the skill in which the players preform is delightful and we are blessed we watch the Wenger-ball. I mean i just cannot watch United, Chelsea or City play even if they win 100 trophies.

So there it is about the fan psychology according to me … its all about the #WINNING and #LOSING has become a taboo.. [ Not for me at least. ]

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