Player Psychology ~ My ‘Loyalty’ is only ‘Salary’

Everyone should watch the movie For Love of the Game . It’s the story from the player’s point of view.  One scene from the movie sums of this post .

Kevin Costner goes to this guy’s house who also plays baseball like him. Kevin asks this guy why did he ‘betray’ the team, why is he showing no loyalty, accusing him of not being a team player. The guy points to his wife and kids and says “That’s my only team” .

And that’s the modern players now. That movie was made in 1999, but that’s the reality now also. Players care about trophies of course, but they equally care about their weekly wages. If it’s a new club trying to win trophies with no history, the only way to attract a big player is through paying high wages, apart from the huge transfer fee which goes to the club. Players don’t care what their worth is. They care how much they will make in a week/year. 

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It’s quite remarkable what some players get paid. Many players I have missed I am sure who would be in the range of 75-50k. But that’s the majority sector. Most players get paid in that range.

So when City offer Nasri 160k, its a pretty obvious move for him. When he gets paid 70k at Arsenal, half goes in tax. So at City he would make more after paying taxes. Players have a 8-10 years span to maximize on making as much money as they can, and they should also.  Players can’t be blamed for demanding more money from their club when they see players like Wayne Bridge make 100k a week! I mean really? 100k? WAYNE BRIDGE! Speaking of high wages Glen Johnson is making 125k! Ridiculous.

So when rich owners don’t mind going in a loss to pay the salaries, pressure increases on clubs like Arsenal and sorry to say but also Spurs. Huge outcry is being made season ticket rise, but there is no option left. Fans want trophy, Club needs best players possible, Club needs to pay the ever going salary demand thanks to other clubs.

[ P.S. – Wages gathered from various sites all the net and this amazing website ]

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2 Responses to Player Psychology ~ My ‘Loyalty’ is only ‘Salary’

  1. Chris M says:

    Fantastic post, you spoke a lot of sense.

  2. Bruce in Atlanta says:

    The continued lack REAL financial fair play rules will eventually ruin the game. It becomes a case of “he who is willing to spend the most money wins.” That’s not an interesting model to me.

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