Financially Arsenal is not a ‘Big 4’ Club.

Record Transfers.

I did a history of all the transfers in my previous blog on how much clubs have spent. But what I was interested now is what are the record transfers. How much spending power does a club have and have had on a regular basis, as compared to Arsenal’s resources, and here is the list –

Click to enlarge –

Arsenal are 8th. Our record transfers is no where near the people who are in the Champions League.  We should be compared to Newcastle, Villa, Sunderland, Everton, Etc., but we are not.  We should be no where near the Top 4,  forget winning the title. But we are always close, always competing, thanks to the youth project, thanks to Mr. Wenger, and some people want Wenger out… A joke that is.

The board knows that we will drop out of the top 4 if it hadn’t been for Mr. Wenger. A new manager will get us in the doom and gloom of Mid-Table mediocrity.  With the resources like us, other managers are trying to get into Europa League, not bidding for the title. That makes Wenger special.

Wages  –

We don’t have the wages… We don’t have the consistency  to bid for big players all the time …  still we are always near the top playing Champions League football.

Some perspective is required when judging Arsenal and where it stands.

We are financially not supposed to be in the ‘Big 4’, but because we have amazing players and the Manager of the Decade, we are the 3rd Richest Football Club in the world.

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