Arsenal’s Wages

In my previous blog, I was highlighting how I think financially Arsenal is not a ‘Big 4′ club.  We have never made record signings. Our record signing is of 15mil.  Clubs like Newcastle, Villa have bid more on players and got them.

A few days before @Yogis_Warrior posted this amazing post saying if Arsenal: Serial Over-achievers Or Par For The Course and I think we are total over-achievers.  Almost like scoring an Eagle or a Double Eagle.

So why is that our wage bill is the 4th highest ? According to in the 2010-2011 — 1. City had a wage bill of 167 mil , 2. Chelsea – 160mil, 3. Man utd – 140mil, 4. Arsenal – 122mil, 5. Liverpool – 116mil, 6. Spurs – 75mil.

These are all estimates*. We don’t know officially what it is.  Now we have a huge youth system. Our squad is very big. Assuming each player gets around 5k-10k a week… so taking the average wage of our reserves to be 7.5k per week, we get:

Some players might be getting more / less..

We then have wages for the Executive Team to be around 7mil.

Mr. Wenger gets paid 7mil a year.

The coaching staff which consists of Pat Rice, Gerry Peyton, Boro Primorac, Neil Banfield, Tony Colbert, Colin Lewin, GaryO’ Driscoll, David Wales, Simon Harland, Kieran Hunt, Darren Page, Vic Akers, Paul Akers, Paul Johnson, Tony Roberts. They all should be getting paid around 7-10mil combined. Maybe more?

Medical Team i am assuming get’s paid 5mil. Could me more considering out luck.

Scouts getting paid 2mil a year.. More?

So in total we reach :

So we reach somewhere near the 122mil.

For almost 32 reserve players we pay almost nothing on transfers, and pay as little as 13-15 mil in wages annually. It’s a very good system. We might find some very good breakout players like Jack, Song, Theo, and it costs us almost nothing. Our scouting team must be getting paid a lot more than my assumption of 2mil a year for all those who do the scouting.

The reason why we are over-achieving is because we save a lot of money on transfer fees. Everyone is angry that we have injury-prone players. That is the reason why we have a big squad. We have to pay their wages. The reserves are not yet ready. Wenger sees things in advance and is already executing them.

We can’t compete with other clubs and their wages. Their back-up players cost more than our record signings. The famous commenter quote saying City’s bench costs 100mil , etc.

In the coming year hoping Mr. Stan Kronke can re-negotiate the Emirates deals, get more money commercially, and Arsenal in 5 years time would become the Richest Club in the world for sure. We are already 3rd in football clubs, 7th in all sports clubs combined.

That was the plan all along for the Club, to invest in the Huge Stadium.  We could have easily stayed at Highbury, not taken a loan of 400mil and won more trophies at the old ground. But it’s a long process we took to achieve bigger things,  we got unlucky many times almost winning the titles in this long process.

Speaking of getting unlucky …. sure we have defensive issues, but those who think ref’s don’t play an important part in them are kidding themselves.  There is video proof of how the ref’s messed with us. Many games are won 1-0. When we create the chance for that 1 goal and the ref does not allow it,  there goes the points.  People argue we should have won in spite of that.  That means we should have that particular game 2-0. But what if this game was very tough, you could only create that one chance, and you score but the ref does not see it.

This video shows how Arsenal got SCREWED.

The extra 11secs in the Sundelrand game it’s alright. That’s being fussy. But then in the Liverpool game it became extreme. On the other hand in the United vs Everton game, when Everton scored 2 goals in the 3 min extra time, the ref blew the whistle dot on 3mins. DOT.

Now if we get all those calls right, we win title, if we get only 4 points from that we come 2nd.  On the other hand blatant red cards, elbow smashes, penalties, etc. went unnoticed for United, and we start debating we need an English CB.  All these ref issues are forgotten. We do need to work on our defense, but that does not mean that ref’s don’t play a very important part in the final table come May.

Let’s hope this year there is some difference….  [ Cant even use goal-line technology in the tiny Emirates-Cup .. FFS.  ]

* Wages are just estimates, gathered from many sites. If we make the wages lower of some players, we have even more un-accounted money as we know the total wage bill to be 120mil. So some players are getting paid less, and someone else is getting paid more.

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3 Responses to Arsenal’s Wages

  1. vivek chittauria says:

    Thanks for the details! Some players are getting way too much IMO.

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