@SeppBlatter 1 – @Arsenal 0 ( newcastle 0 vs arsenal 0 )

So the 1st game of the season. Already the debate on TV replays has begun. But it’s no debate. Its crap. Its pointless argument, cause nothing is being done about it.

For some years now Graham Poll has been writing on the ref’s after every Premier League game. This is his report on the Newcastle game – Why the referee got it so wrong over Barton.

How is this going to change anything ? He is just reporting what millions are seeing. Cause as the ref does not see it, it does not matter. It still does not matter. What is Sepp Blatter trying to prove? Flow of the game gets interrupted ? When someone gets injured these days 2 mins breaks has become a routine thing. Getting a replay takes less than 15 seconds.

We know there is no video replays this season. Nothing is gonna change this season. We will only talk about it. The game is too fast for ref’s now. Refs will be making more mistakes. The need for TV replays is very important.

This is becoming more and more like WWE where if the ref does not see, you can do whatever you want. And that is planned FFS! Here titles are lost and won, teams are promoted and relegated because of minute details which decide the final score.

Man of Match – Peter Walton

1. Song should be off –

2. It was a damn penalty – Gif from @7amkickoff

3. How in the world is this only a yellow ?

Just look at the aggression in Barton’s face. Just crazy.

Could have won the game. But didn’t. Instead we have 2 players who will not play 3 games and Barton will continue to play. This is turning out to be more funny as I type this cause it reminds a bit too much of WWE, which is fake.

I get the whole entertainment factor regarding football and controversies. It works for WWE, but this is real stuff with more passion, so people have to get it right. After a while it will lose its integrity.


On other news life without Cesc is on.  So far we have let go JET +1.5mil, Clichy +7mil +3mil wages, Cesc +30mil +6mil wages, Gervinho -10.6mil – 2.5mil wages . Net – 34.4 mil left to spend. Maybe more 2mil wages on Denilson’s loan move. Some we might be paying, who knows.  We might get more cash from Eboue, Bendtner, Nasri, Almunia.  Other money from this years quota to spend if any.  So money is there to spend. Big 15 days to go. Time to bring in some reinforcement. More afraid of panic buys as very little time left.

P.S . – Happy Independence Day to India.

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One Response to @SeppBlatter 1 – @Arsenal 0 ( newcastle 0 vs arsenal 0 )

  1. Bruce in Atlanta says:

    It’s 2011 and Football is still in the 19th Century:
    1) No replay technology
    2) No goal line technology
    3) School yard time-keeping technology
    4) No financial fair play
    5) The list goes on….

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