@seppblatter 2 – @arsenal 0 [ arsenal 0 – liverpool 2 ]

Biggest shock yesterday was that Nasri started the game. His this long run was just amazing. That is why you love watching football. But after a while it started all going wrong.

@7amkickoff tweeted this a day before the game had started to Frimpong –

And that’s exactly what happened. It’s really comical.  A bit of inexperience surely. Also a bit of bad luck, cause clearly Martin Atkinson had an agenda yesterday. @onearsenewenger rightly pointed out that for the first yellow, Jordan Henderson smacked Frimpong in the chest before Frimpong got the yellow. Come on! Watch the incident take place here at 1:27 when he gets smacked.

Then after his red card, things were going on.

Then we conceded two goals. Both offside. You know things are going  bad when its an offside and you concede and own goal.

Offside 1 –

Offside 2 –

The man himself – Martin Atkinson –

So soon Graham Poll will write a post in the Dailymail regarding this. Things will go as normal.  Nothing will be done. It will happen again midweek.. weekend. Al throughout the year.

And that’s the bottom line cause Sepp Blatter said so! The refusal to bring in technology is pathetic.

Then there is this ridiculous question of injuries. @onearsenewenger rightly asked that no matter how much money we spend, it won’t change the injury record and own goals.

Injury list / suspension / missing players is baffling –

  1. Koscielny [ got injured in the match ]
  2. Djourou
  3. Gibbs
  4. Traore
  5. Diaby
  6. Rosicky
  7. Wilshere

Then we have 8. Song and 9. Gervinho suspended.  No replacement for Cesc.

Nasri did play well but he stopped working in the 2nd half.  7am pointed out this – Nasri stops tracking Miereles – Video

So there we have it. Game two done. More points for Sepp Blatter. Cause when you concede offside goals, the defense is really bad. Anew center back is going to make the ref think properly. Maybe its a Nationality thing. English CB’s get the benefit of doubt. Cahill to the rescue soon.

The only thing worrying from the last -3 games is the lack of goals. If RVP does not score its pretty dry. Theo, Arshavin did nothing yesterday. Our main supply line from Cesc is gone. Need to get few creative midfielders soon or get Jack fit quickly.

After the loss the talks on sacking Wenger goes on. Everyone has forgotten that Real Madrid offered Wenger the job to take over before they offered it to Mourinho, and Wenger said no. There is no man better to do this job with the resources we have than Mr. Wenger. With unlimited resources and by media standards Mourinho is the best coach and still Madrid wanted a manager who has not won any trophy in 100 years?

Sure he has made mistakes, but the question is why did the Arsneal board wait so long to get new players when we knew many were going out. We knew months in advance these matches were going to happen against Liverpool and United. We did nothing.  Board is pushing its luck with Wenger and the top 4 finish that we always get, but if we don’t get replacements for the one we let go, that position is in danger.

I would really like to know the reasons behind the delay, that is it Wenger who is not buying, the board is not letting him, its a huge mystery… Lot of work to do in the coming month. Things can change quickly.

P.S. – Is there going to be a retrospective action for this gesture on Miereles?

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2 Responses to @seppblatter 2 – @arsenal 0 [ arsenal 0 – liverpool 2 ]

  1. Anonymous says:

    some good points here.. If u keep tracking refereeing errors in Arsenal matches, m sure u will have 50 by may 2012 😛

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