Arsenal win against Udinese 1-2 thanks to brilliant @13Szczesny13

We were down and out. Media had ridiculed Arsene Wenger. Made fun of his way. This match seemed bigger than the Carling Cup Final and maybe it was.  I don’t wanna write about the details of the match as it will be covered in various other blogs.

What I do wanna write is that we got lucky last night. I am talking about the ref in this match. Mr. Olegário Benquerença. Its become pretty obvious Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini hate Arsenal / Wenger.  They refuse to bring TV replays. So when last night Vermaelen got a yellow card and subsequent penalty it became very obvious some cheating is going on.

How is this a yellow card?

For a bigger view see the Video on 3:54

Olegário Benquerença –

So then came the great save from Szczesny . Just what we needed. Had we lost the game this video / gif would have been highlighted more. But it wont as we won. This is the third game in a row where ref decision is adding to the outcome. Watch this space for more ref related blunders costing us the titles.

Thank you Szcz –

The draw for the Champions League will be at 4 30 UK  time.

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