The Transfer Summary – In Numbers

Click to Enlarge:*Please add / remove any changes for the figures above and do the maths accordingly if its wrong. This is just an estimate.

So we have a Net Budget left of £+50mil still left to spend. I am glad we didn’t make any big name panic buys, and still we have not broken our transfer record of £15mil.

But the main issue is that we have still not replaced Cesc. I have heard endless tweets saying he is one of a kind, etc etc. Sure. But we need to find someone matching his capabilities. Arteta is not that person. Sure he is adding depth, so is Yossi, but we have not got that quality player needed in the midfield who could provide those through balls for our 3 players up front.

Jack Wilshere is good. But he is only 19. Whom is he gonna learn from? He is immensely talented but his combination with Cesc made us win many big games last year. Now we have to hope Arteta / Ramsey can form some partnership with Jack. Also hoping Jack gets fit soon.

If we find this talented player we might bring him in January. We have £50mil to spend on him and his wages.  We have got good experience at the back, but that Midfield position always worries me. We are gonna post record profits soon as we reduced a lot of wages, loaned a lot of players, etc.

Before this season started with Cesc and Nasri we needed reinforcement. We had a chance to win the league with 9 games to go. But we didn’t. So we needed improvement. We sold them but haven’t got players of that quality. Let’s see how these new players perform. There is a reason why a player costs £10mil and £40mil. Wenger always says that don’t judge a player by his price tag, but with his quality and he has proved himself right a thousand times. But we are now talking about only one good player and that player needs to come soon in January or next summer window.

It’s going to be fun watching football again after this horrendous summer window. Why we waited till the last day to make signings is totally beyond me. We knew Nasri wanted to go before Pre-season started. We knew Cesc wanted to go from last year. We could have easily purchased these players we have in June/July. Hopefully time will tell what happened in the back room of the emirates.

Next up Swansea on the 10th of September. Watch out! Its going to be awesome!

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