Myth Busters : Net Spent + Wages

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Figures via @sportingintel  and

Manchester United:

They have been doing quite well because they have a very good marketing team and their revenue is really good. We were winning titles at Highbury but to compete with the mass appeal and the brand that is Manchester United all over the world, Arsenal needed the stadium.  Alex ferguson manages the team very well and their football ‘luck’ is always with them, helping them win titles.


They have been spending non stop since Roman arrived. They have spent £610mil more than us in the last 7 years! Our Emirate stadium took £400mil to built! Spent another £47mil this year on transfers. The introduction of the russian changed the game completely for Arsenal. He has been taking in huge loss since he came. But that’s how these billionaires work.

Manchester City:

September 2008, Sheikh Mansour takes over City and starts spending more than Chelsea! In just 3-4 years they have spent more than Arsenal. Which grows every year as we speak. Another £57mil spent this year, plus the ever growing wages which is very important in today’s game.

Liverpool :

They have spent £83mil more. No Champions League. No new Stadium. No titles like us in the last 5-6 years. Media says nothing to them. Free ride.

Tottenham :

They did remarkably well getting into the Champions League. But they found out its not easy to stay there. For the money they spent, they do a very good job. We have spent £164mil more than them if we combine the Wage and Net Spent.

That is because they don’t pay high wages. But their net spent is the 3rd highest in the last decade.


Many problems at Arsenal right now,  but these financial reality should not be overlooked. We are not supposed to be competing for titles for the money we spend. But we do always, thanks to Arsene Wenger.

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