Arsenal win against Udinese 1-2 thanks to brilliant @13Szczesny13

We were down and out. Media had ridiculed Arsene Wenger. Made fun of his way. This match seemed bigger than the Carling Cup Final and maybe it was.  I don’t wanna write about the details of the match as it will be covered in various other blogs.

What I do wanna write is that we got lucky last night. I am talking about the ref in this match. Mr. Olegário Benquerença. Its become pretty obvious Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini hate Arsenal / Wenger.  They refuse to bring TV replays. So when last night Vermaelen got a yellow card and subsequent penalty it became very obvious some cheating is going on.

How is this a yellow card?

For a bigger view see the Video on 3:54

Olegário Benquerença –

So then came the great save from Szczesny . Just what we needed. Had we lost the game this video / gif would have been highlighted more. But it wont as we won. This is the third game in a row where ref decision is adding to the outcome. Watch this space for more ref related blunders costing us the titles.

Thank you Szcz –

The draw for the Champions League will be at 4 30 UK  time.

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@seppblatter 2 – @arsenal 0 [ arsenal 0 – liverpool 2 ]

Biggest shock yesterday was that Nasri started the game. His this long run was just amazing. That is why you love watching football. But after a while it started all going wrong.

@7amkickoff tweeted this a day before the game had started to Frimpong –

And that’s exactly what happened. It’s really comical.  A bit of inexperience surely. Also a bit of bad luck, cause clearly Martin Atkinson had an agenda yesterday. @onearsenewenger rightly pointed out that for the first yellow, Jordan Henderson smacked Frimpong in the chest before Frimpong got the yellow. Come on! Watch the incident take place here at 1:27 when he gets smacked.

Then after his red card, things were going on.

Then we conceded two goals. Both offside. You know things are going  bad when its an offside and you concede and own goal.

Offside 1 –

Offside 2 –

The man himself – Martin Atkinson –

So soon Graham Poll will write a post in the Dailymail regarding this. Things will go as normal.  Nothing will be done. It will happen again midweek.. weekend. Al throughout the year.

And that’s the bottom line cause Sepp Blatter said so! The refusal to bring in technology is pathetic.

Then there is this ridiculous question of injuries. @onearsenewenger rightly asked that no matter how much money we spend, it won’t change the injury record and own goals.

Injury list / suspension / missing players is baffling –

  1. Koscielny [ got injured in the match ]
  2. Djourou
  3. Gibbs
  4. Traore
  5. Diaby
  6. Rosicky
  7. Wilshere

Then we have 8. Song and 9. Gervinho suspended.  No replacement for Cesc.

Nasri did play well but he stopped working in the 2nd half.  7am pointed out this – Nasri stops tracking Miereles – Video

So there we have it. Game two done. More points for Sepp Blatter. Cause when you concede offside goals, the defense is really bad. Anew center back is going to make the ref think properly. Maybe its a Nationality thing. English CB’s get the benefit of doubt. Cahill to the rescue soon.

The only thing worrying from the last -3 games is the lack of goals. If RVP does not score its pretty dry. Theo, Arshavin did nothing yesterday. Our main supply line from Cesc is gone. Need to get few creative midfielders soon or get Jack fit quickly.

After the loss the talks on sacking Wenger goes on. Everyone has forgotten that Real Madrid offered Wenger the job to take over before they offered it to Mourinho, and Wenger said no. There is no man better to do this job with the resources we have than Mr. Wenger. With unlimited resources and by media standards Mourinho is the best coach and still Madrid wanted a manager who has not won any trophy in 100 years?

Sure he has made mistakes, but the question is why did the Arsneal board wait so long to get new players when we knew many were going out. We knew months in advance these matches were going to happen against Liverpool and United. We did nothing.  Board is pushing its luck with Wenger and the top 4 finish that we always get, but if we don’t get replacements for the one we let go, that position is in danger.

I would really like to know the reasons behind the delay, that is it Wenger who is not buying, the board is not letting him, its a huge mystery… Lot of work to do in the coming month. Things can change quickly.

P.S. – Is there going to be a retrospective action for this gesture on Miereles?

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We are down.. but not out yet. Liverpool preview –

We have sold a lot pf players and not got many in, but we do have new young guys who will get their start tomorrow thanks to our injury crisis. Last year we somehow managed from some good fortune. The injuries are back again. That is why we have a big squad, that is why our wage bill is high.

This could be our line up for tomorrow –

Amazing pace up front. I hope Ryo starts, cause I don’t who else can play there. Only player who could play there apart from him is Chamakh, so we might see him change places with Van Persie. Arshavin has play midfield role. There is no one left.

If Jenkinson starts tomorrow it will show how little faith Wenger has with playing Squillaci at CB and shifting Vermaelen to LB. Lets see how that goes.

We are down to bare bones thanks to players sold/loaned/injured/about to be sold. There surely might be a reason for not signing anyone till now, maybe cause any player linked with us so far is going to be our record singing.  Starting price for any player we want starts from 20mil+ . So maybe the board is making a change in financial operations which will decide the dealings in the coming future.

As @onearsenewenger said in one of his tweets before, the delay could be possible as we are waiting to qualify in the Champions League. All deals after that. Very possible.

But this is a huge gamble. Waiting till the last minute to make deals. So when we buy players there is no time to see if how quickly they could adjust. Liverpool got the deals done very quickly. They got shit players. But now they know they have shit players. They can improve that now because they have time thanks to the early deals. Big gamble taken by Arsenal.

All judgements about signings etc should be done on September 2nd when the window is closed. Season preview can be done only then.

Should be a fascinating game tomorrow for the following reasons –

  1. Arsenal have not lost to Liverpool at the Emirates.
  2. Arsenal have not lost their opening home game in 11 years.
  3. Liverpool have conceded in all of their last5-6 games so far which includes the Pre-Season games.
  4. Ref is Martin Atkinson. Won all games at home last season when he was the ref. @Eboue_Eboue
  5. Won none of the away games when he was the ref.
  6. He was in charge when these sides met at Anfield last season, sending off Koscielny and Joe Cole.
  7. He’s shown five red cards in the last six Arsenal games. @Orbinho
  8. Andrey Arshavin has scored five goals from just six shots on target in the Premier League against Liverpool.
  9. There have been more hat-tricks scored [ 5 ] in this game than any other Premier League fixture. The most famous came from Robbie Fowler in a record 4 minutes 33 seconds.
  10. Dirk Kuyt will be looking to make it his 50th goal for Liverpool tomorrow. Elsewhere, Andy Carroll will be in line for his 100th league career appearance

Their possible lineup – (likely): Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, Adam, Kuyt, Suarez, Downing, Carroll.

Two players to look out for – Suarez and Carrroll.

Should be fun a match tomorrow with the pace we have. I am expecting at least 2 red cards.

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@SeppBlatter 1 – @Arsenal 0 ( newcastle 0 vs arsenal 0 )

So the 1st game of the season. Already the debate on TV replays has begun. But it’s no debate. Its crap. Its pointless argument, cause nothing is being done about it.

For some years now Graham Poll has been writing on the ref’s after every Premier League game. This is his report on the Newcastle game – Why the referee got it so wrong over Barton.

How is this going to change anything ? He is just reporting what millions are seeing. Cause as the ref does not see it, it does not matter. It still does not matter. What is Sepp Blatter trying to prove? Flow of the game gets interrupted ? When someone gets injured these days 2 mins breaks has become a routine thing. Getting a replay takes less than 15 seconds.

We know there is no video replays this season. Nothing is gonna change this season. We will only talk about it. The game is too fast for ref’s now. Refs will be making more mistakes. The need for TV replays is very important.

This is becoming more and more like WWE where if the ref does not see, you can do whatever you want. And that is planned FFS! Here titles are lost and won, teams are promoted and relegated because of minute details which decide the final score.

Man of Match – Peter Walton

1. Song should be off –

2. It was a damn penalty – Gif from @7amkickoff

3. How in the world is this only a yellow ?

Just look at the aggression in Barton’s face. Just crazy.

Could have won the game. But didn’t. Instead we have 2 players who will not play 3 games and Barton will continue to play. This is turning out to be more funny as I type this cause it reminds a bit too much of WWE, which is fake.

I get the whole entertainment factor regarding football and controversies. It works for WWE, but this is real stuff with more passion, so people have to get it right. After a while it will lose its integrity.


On other news life without Cesc is on.  So far we have let go JET +1.5mil, Clichy +7mil +3mil wages, Cesc +30mil +6mil wages, Gervinho -10.6mil – 2.5mil wages . Net – 34.4 mil left to spend. Maybe more 2mil wages on Denilson’s loan move. Some we might be paying, who knows.  We might get more cash from Eboue, Bendtner, Nasri, Almunia.  Other money from this years quota to spend if any.  So money is there to spend. Big 15 days to go. Time to bring in some reinforcement. More afraid of panic buys as very little time left.

P.S . – Happy Independence Day to India.

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Arsenal’s Architectural Masterplan

The Arsenal Masterplan

Click to enlarge :

The football club has taken responsibility for the organised regeneration around the new stadium. [ CZWG Architects ]

1 VizioN7 – circa 500 apartments and 6,000 m2 commercial space,
2 New Arsenal FC Stadium (HOK SVE),
3 Student housing (HOK),
4 Highbury Stadium – circa 500 apartments (Allies & Morrison),
5 Drayton Park – circa 277 apartments,
6 Queensland Road – circa 650 apartments and 22,000 m2 commercial space.

Vizio N7:

Emirates Stadium :

Highbury Stadium apartments :

Drayton Park :

Queensland Road :

As told by Arseblog news here, this is the last stage in completing the nine-year regeneration of the area around the Emirates stadium.

Rendered  image :

Loads of work done, in the shifting from the Highbury stadium, to the new Emirates stadium. Only club which is still a Club. Only club which spends money in improving the already impressive stadium viz. Arsenalisation.

More on this as it happens…

Twitter – @GunnerArchitect

Facebook Page – Gunner Architect

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Arsenal’s Wages

In my previous blog, I was highlighting how I think financially Arsenal is not a ‘Big 4′ club.  We have never made record signings. Our record signing is of 15mil.  Clubs like Newcastle, Villa have bid more on players and got them.

A few days before @Yogis_Warrior posted this amazing post saying if Arsenal: Serial Over-achievers Or Par For The Course and I think we are total over-achievers.  Almost like scoring an Eagle or a Double Eagle.

So why is that our wage bill is the 4th highest ? According to in the 2010-2011 — 1. City had a wage bill of 167 mil , 2. Chelsea – 160mil, 3. Man utd – 140mil, 4. Arsenal – 122mil, 5. Liverpool – 116mil, 6. Spurs – 75mil.

These are all estimates*. We don’t know officially what it is.  Now we have a huge youth system. Our squad is very big. Assuming each player gets around 5k-10k a week… so taking the average wage of our reserves to be 7.5k per week, we get:

Some players might be getting more / less..

We then have wages for the Executive Team to be around 7mil.

Mr. Wenger gets paid 7mil a year.

The coaching staff which consists of Pat Rice, Gerry Peyton, Boro Primorac, Neil Banfield, Tony Colbert, Colin Lewin, GaryO’ Driscoll, David Wales, Simon Harland, Kieran Hunt, Darren Page, Vic Akers, Paul Akers, Paul Johnson, Tony Roberts. They all should be getting paid around 7-10mil combined. Maybe more?

Medical Team i am assuming get’s paid 5mil. Could me more considering out luck.

Scouts getting paid 2mil a year.. More?

So in total we reach :

So we reach somewhere near the 122mil.

For almost 32 reserve players we pay almost nothing on transfers, and pay as little as 13-15 mil in wages annually. It’s a very good system. We might find some very good breakout players like Jack, Song, Theo, and it costs us almost nothing. Our scouting team must be getting paid a lot more than my assumption of 2mil a year for all those who do the scouting.

The reason why we are over-achieving is because we save a lot of money on transfer fees. Everyone is angry that we have injury-prone players. That is the reason why we have a big squad. We have to pay their wages. The reserves are not yet ready. Wenger sees things in advance and is already executing them.

We can’t compete with other clubs and their wages. Their back-up players cost more than our record signings. The famous commenter quote saying City’s bench costs 100mil , etc.

In the coming year hoping Mr. Stan Kronke can re-negotiate the Emirates deals, get more money commercially, and Arsenal in 5 years time would become the Richest Club in the world for sure. We are already 3rd in football clubs, 7th in all sports clubs combined.

That was the plan all along for the Club, to invest in the Huge Stadium.  We could have easily stayed at Highbury, not taken a loan of 400mil and won more trophies at the old ground. But it’s a long process we took to achieve bigger things,  we got unlucky many times almost winning the titles in this long process.

Speaking of getting unlucky …. sure we have defensive issues, but those who think ref’s don’t play an important part in them are kidding themselves.  There is video proof of how the ref’s messed with us. Many games are won 1-0. When we create the chance for that 1 goal and the ref does not allow it,  there goes the points.  People argue we should have won in spite of that.  That means we should have that particular game 2-0. But what if this game was very tough, you could only create that one chance, and you score but the ref does not see it.

This video shows how Arsenal got SCREWED.

The extra 11secs in the Sundelrand game it’s alright. That’s being fussy. But then in the Liverpool game it became extreme. On the other hand in the United vs Everton game, when Everton scored 2 goals in the 3 min extra time, the ref blew the whistle dot on 3mins. DOT.

Now if we get all those calls right, we win title, if we get only 4 points from that we come 2nd.  On the other hand blatant red cards, elbow smashes, penalties, etc. went unnoticed for United, and we start debating we need an English CB.  All these ref issues are forgotten. We do need to work on our defense, but that does not mean that ref’s don’t play a very important part in the final table come May.

Let’s hope this year there is some difference….  [ Cant even use goal-line technology in the tiny Emirates-Cup .. FFS.  ]

* Wages are just estimates, gathered from many sites. If we make the wages lower of some players, we have even more un-accounted money as we know the total wage bill to be 120mil. So some players are getting paid less, and someone else is getting paid more.

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Financially Arsenal is not a ‘Big 4’ Club.

Record Transfers.

I did a history of all the transfers in my previous blog on how much clubs have spent. But what I was interested now is what are the record transfers. How much spending power does a club have and have had on a regular basis, as compared to Arsenal’s resources, and here is the list –

Click to enlarge –

Arsenal are 8th. Our record transfers is no where near the people who are in the Champions League.  We should be compared to Newcastle, Villa, Sunderland, Everton, Etc., but we are not.  We should be no where near the Top 4,  forget winning the title. But we are always close, always competing, thanks to the youth project, thanks to Mr. Wenger, and some people want Wenger out… A joke that is.

The board knows that we will drop out of the top 4 if it hadn’t been for Mr. Wenger. A new manager will get us in the doom and gloom of Mid-Table mediocrity.  With the resources like us, other managers are trying to get into Europa League, not bidding for the title. That makes Wenger special.

Wages  –

We don’t have the wages… We don’t have the consistency  to bid for big players all the time …  still we are always near the top playing Champions League football.

Some perspective is required when judging Arsenal and where it stands.

We are financially not supposed to be in the ‘Big 4’, but because we have amazing players and the Manager of the Decade, we are the 3rd Richest Football Club in the world.

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